The Only Rule You Need To Remember While Shopping A Sale

Sale season just doesn’t seem to end, does it? If it’s not an end-of-season-sale at a high street retailer like Zara, it’s an exhibition featuring cool indie brands or boutique selections from other parts of the country. There’s always something that you want to buy or need to have. We seem to be constantly bombarded by desire and it is so exhausting just to keep up. The advertising during sales also feed into existing temptation – it’s always like, look how much money you’d save! And you believe it and literally buy that sentiment of ‘saving’ money during sales – except you’re not saving money.

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Here’s the only rule you need to remember when you’re browsing through discounts:

When an item costing Rs.100/- has a 30% discount, you are not saving Rs. 30/-. You are spending Rs. 70/-.

This is literally the only thing you need to remember. Ask yourself – is this worth spending the discounted price on? I’ve found that the moment you tell yourself that you’re spending during a sale and not saving, you spend less. This is especially helpful when you’re shopping for smaller items like clothing, where it’s really easy to get carried away.

E-commerce sites and brands market really aggressively, with their ‘buy now before the deal disappears!!’ style of advertising, but the moment you take a step back and think about how much you’re spending instead of how much you’re ‘saving’, you will realize that a. you never needed any of those things and b. It was a shit deal anyway.

What are the shit deals you’ve bought into? Tell me yours and I’ll tell you mine.

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  1. I buy my clothes only twice a year. When I do, I buy them only on sale. Throughout the year, I note down the list of things and investment pieces I need/want and decide based on the available sale at that time.
    So far, this strategy works to avoid impulse shopping.

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