My Favourite Skincare Products of 2018

To be honest, I wanted to write a long, philosophical post about my year but I think I’ll save that for January. Instead, I thought I’d share something more useful – my favourite skincare products of 2018! I’ve made an awkward video about them, so do give it a watch.

Also, ALSO – the video is totally shop-able. I’ve made it using an incredible tool called VueStudio (BETA) that allows me to make them shop-able without the annoyances of having minimum thresholds like 4 million followers or whatever. Currently there is a 15 day free trial available on the site but if you fill up this form, you can get an extended trial of the BETA version for up to three months for the first 100 sign ups! So if you’re a small blogger looking to monetise or even if you know any other bloggers who are looking to, please do fill this form! The tool is still in development (hence BETA and the reason why I only have one currency option) but we are in the process of adding really cool new features so if you want to be part of the monetising wave, you don’t want to miss on this!


Also, #notsponsored because apparently we have to do that now. I work with the team that develops this tool (remember that long post about my year? yea, this is kind of part that long story). I promise I’ll gather my thoughts and come back to you with that, but until then – Happy New Year to you and your family!

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  1. Dear Lavanya!
    Thanks for this quick video of skincare essentials.. I have been suffering from a lot of zits of late and this helps! The alphamoist needs to be applied on bare skin after bath? And also can the Dr. sheths night cream be applied on acne prone face even when we have active acne/zits??

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