I Quit Instagram!

So yesterday I finally pulled the trigger on something I’ve been wanting to do for a while now – deactivating my instagram account. I’ve had a public profile on Instagram from 2010 (since the app was launched!) and it became my favourite social network right off the bat. I used to share with abandon and enjoyed the community that Instagram gave me.

Over the last few years, however, I saw some gears change – Insta, which had been my stress buster slowly started becoming a source of stress – both in terms of the content I was putting up (was it insta ‘worthy’?) and the feedback I was receiving (some nasty, some creepy, some intrusive, some downright crazy). It was like I had some invisible responsibility as a person with a public profile and a ‘large’ following and slowly, my instagram account ceased being just mine. It didn’t help that I became more private as a person either. Random photos became basis for judgement and my messages inbox became a virtual septic tank. I’ve been called an idiot, told that I was rubbish, that I am infuriating my readers (please don’t read if my blog makes you angry. You deserve happiness) and some other delightful things – normally I’d ignore this shit but I’d be lying if I didn’t admit that just processing this takes up mind space and given that I already have very little, it would be criminal to waste it on the words of people I don’t even know.

Having said all of this, instagram did give me some wonderful friends, great conversations and more than a few goodie bags, and for that I will always be grateful. But for now, I am free!

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  1. What is the point if you are not able to be yourself? Totally understand.
    And thank you for accepting my follow ;—)

  2. This is unfortunate. Hope you enjoy this freedom. Your posts were witty and always lightened the mood. Hope to see your posts on your blog and Twitter. Thank you.

  3. You really inspired me a lot through Insta
    Will definitely miss your post:-(

  4. Lavanya – I am really sorry that you had to deal with this. As I had mentioned to you before, reading and re reading your blog took me through some very tough times. Over the years, I have enjoyed seeing your growth. From someone who used to blog about studying for CA to passing CA to now providing financial tips, you have come a long way. I would also like to make a note of the you talking about weight loss – from being a young girl struggling to now a mom. Your work and your life has been an inspiration! Good luck with this only for friends Instagram phase. Love and luck – priyanka PS – I have sent a request cuz fangirling since 2012 ;). Feel free to decline

  5. I’m so sorry to see you leave Instagram, as you were one of my favourites in it. Inspiring and fun content, and what’s amazed me is that everytime I have DMed with a question, you’ve always answered sweetly.

    I’ve been a fan since Coconut Chutney, and have recruited quite a few to it too. You’re doing good work, your blog on SIP mutual funds made me start several, your skincare routine worth spending money on is what I follow now, and to great results.

    You’re doing good work, so please don’t be disheartened by anybody who tells you otherwise. I understand Instagram has been stressful to you, even I have wondered how you found time to reply to DMs with such a large following.

    Continue blogging here, and I hope everything goes okay for you. Good luck! 🙂

  6. I’m so sorry you had to leave insta because of some idiots! I’ve been reading your blog and actually the reason for me being more active on insta was you. I love the way you pen down your thoughts with that quirk. I want to say at this moment – Cmon you cant do that and disappoint us.

    P.S have been a fangirl always! & plsss accept my request on Insta


  7. What! you’re not on Insta? I always enjoyed your witty comments and find your posts entertaining and informative.

    I’m a fellow personal finance blogger and have been following your blog for a while. Love your work. Don’t get discouraged by some losers as they’re their primary job is to spread their misery to others.

  8. Aww. I was wondering why u weren’t appearing on my feed. I’m so sad u had to leave. Loved following u & ur ammu ❤️. Hope some day, u will come back …until then

  9. Lavanya just read your article in the weekend edition of The Hindu .. only then I realised you deleted your Instagram account. Your posts have always been super relatable, entertaining and your sense of humour has always lightened up my day !! Thank you for that 🙂 Lots of love to you ….

  10. People become vulnerable when being intimidated, looks like you let random strangers take control of how you feel about your life. Such a pity to know your mind is so fragile an immature. Also wondering if you really understand how social media works, though you have been a long time user. Instant feedback and haters are always on point. Not for fit to claim social media influenza if you run from the medium.

    BTW, Comparison of a celebrity quitting Instagram reference is a little too much in your hindu article.

  11. I will miss your banter, cosmetic recos and general cheer! But if this gives you peace, then you totally deserve it..

  12. Very sorry that you had to leave insta bcos of some idiots! I must say that I have been a silent fan girl if you.. you have inspired me in many ways and I really wish you continued to be on insta.

  13. I did not realize you were gone until I read this! I am gonna miss watching Amartya grow! Nevertheless, wish you best. 🙂

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