How’s That No Buy Coming Along?

Happy New Year! Hope the first twenty days of 2018 have been going well for you. It’s been going well so far, although I do feel overwhelmed from time to time with the baby and all the projects that I have on hand. I am trying my best to cut down on doing everything and instead, prioritize and allocate time for leisure and catch up with my now never-ending reading list. I think part of the stress is because of baby’s first birthday party (I still can’t believe he’s going to be one tomorrow!) and my (not so) great idea to do/DIY the party decor. Actually, all my stress is because of this party. If I do pull it off, I’ll be sure to post photos here and show you ways you can make cute stuff on the cheap!


ANYWAY, the reason I’m posting today is to give you guys a quick No-Buy update –

  1. I went on the No-Buy around the start of November. Since then I’ve only bought two pieces of clothing – one saree for Pongal (which I said I would be purchasing in my post so I don’t think that counts anyway) and a dress that I bought on my mother’s insistence for my baby’s first birthday. To be honest, I don’t have anything like that dress in my wardrobe so I didn’t feel any guilt after my purchase. It also helped that I avoided the fast fashion brands like Zara, H&M and so on and instead bought it from a slow fashion brand that doesn’t mass manufacture.
  2. I didn’t buy any new makeup! And I’m fairly sure I won’t unless I expressly need to replace something that I own. I need to buy a pair of false lashes, for example. I ended up ripping my previous (and only) pair, ironically, while trying to clean them up so that I could reuse them. Other than that, I think some amount of fatigue with respect to beauty products have set in and in the meanwhile, I’m thoroughly enjoying rediscovering my own stuff.
  3. My skincare purchases have also been only replacements. Nothing new was purchased! I think I’ve finally found a routine that I am going to stick to and I’m really happy with my skin. You can read about my skincare routine, here.
  4. I’ve also eliminated the clutter from my bathroom. I now only use one bar of soap and have transitioned to a shampoo bar as well. Although the shampoo bar took like, two washes to get used to I love it now – both the effect on my hair and the fact that it helps me avoid plastic trash completely!
  5. The first few weeks of the no-buy were hard. I think we take purchasing and buying stuff for granted, not to mention we also use shopping as a way to like feel better about ourselves (albeit temporarily). I ended up spending money on other things initially – like stationery and books and stuff. Thankfully, that substitution phase didn’t last. I am now consciously trying to apply my no-buy on as many categories in my life as I possibly can.
  6. What really amazed me was how much I’m already spending apart from buying things. I mean essential stuff like groceries, stuff for the baby and so on.
  8. Of course I’m tempted to purchase something every day. EVERY DAY. There’s this beautiful maxi skirt one day and an impeccably tailored pair of pants the next. What I’ve learned is that most of these wants evaporate over the course of a few days or a week.
  9. I’m far happier with less. I’ve been actively pruning my wardrobe and giving (well maintained) stuff that I know I don’t wear as much as I should. I am trying to work towards a wardrobe that has clothes I love as opposed to, oh I picked this up on sale or whatever.
  10. If you’re on a no-buy and riddled with temptation – my friend, stay strong!


  1. Thanks lavanyamohan. You inspired me to go on a no buy spree. Completed two months of no buy and as you mentioned after a while you actually start enjoying and rediscovering your old stuff. Thanks again

  2. Your blog has given me the motivation to start my own no-buy week! Week because I am weak. BTW what’s the shampoo bar you use?

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