I Gave My Bedroom A Makeover!

I have been paying a lot more attention to our living space the last year or so. I think it’s a combination of having a mess-loving baby and growing old, but seeing our apartment being turned upside down on a daily basis has pushed me into finding ways into having a home that’s accident-free, clean and safe (and pretty!).

Orange and Yellow

When I moved into the apartment, our bedroom had orange and yellow walls. It was very vibrant and every time I bought sheets or curtains I ensured that it matched, and as a result I had a ton of bright yellow/orange furnishing which I had no intention of throwing away. So, I knew that whatever colour I got painted on the walls had to complement yellows and oranges, but I also wanted a totally drastic change of colour (the whole having a baby experience really pushed me over the edge).

The original colours of our bedroom

Choosing new colours!

So, my husband and I made a trip to the Nippon Paint PRO store at Whites Road, Royapettah. Nippon Paint has a number of PRO stores across the city (click here for the list) and the reason you should visit the PRO store is because they offer an end-to-end painting experience – they have specialists and virtual visualizers, i.e, technology to simulate how your room will look like with your choice of paint colour. They have close to 1200 shades of paint colours and even special effects finishes that make beautiful accent walls for living areas. The specialist at the store was very patient with my requirements and after going through pretty much every colour in their catalogue, we settled on the Nippon Paint Odour-less Aircare Paint in a beautiful grey (Dormant Gray/NPN2043T) and white (Snow white/NPOW1002P) combination with an eggshell finish. On screen, the grey and white seemed to go really well together and I knew that it would also look really good with yellow.

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The finished look!

Last Minute Nerves!

We confirmed the colour-combination, and were promptly emailed a copy of our visualization but I was pretty nervous – what if my calculations backfired? When the day finally came, the painters were really thorough in ensuring that all the furniture was covered up and anything with edges on the walls (like my mirror) were taped to protect them from the paint. The priming and painting were completed over the span of two days. And I couldn’t be happier with how my bedroom looks now!

Bedroom makeover, grey yellow bedroom, nippon paint, nippon paints india, nippon paints odourless paint, nippon paints review

Bedroom makeover, grey yellow bedroom, nippon paint, nippon paints india, nippon paints odourless paint, nippon paints review

Family-Friendly Paint

The wall behind the bed, with the windows, which was orange previously, was painted grey and the surrounding walls were painted in white. This created depth in the room and it paired wonderfully with my existing yellow curtains! The white walls made my tiny room look bigger and let’s get real – white goes with everything. It’s also pretty special that these paints are lead-free, mercury-free, washable and created with a technology that enables them to improve indoor air-quality – making them perfect for homes with young children.

I am so pleased with the end result and love how my bedroom looks completely new, while still retaining some of its original identity. If you’re looking to paint your home, I would recommend Nippon Paint without a second thought!

The service was provided for me by Nippon Paint. Views are my own.


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