Going On A No Buy – Reorganizing My Wardrobe & Resetting Priorities

Yes, you read that right. I am not going to buy anything for a year. This (somewhat) drastic decision is the result of my taking the time last week to reorganize my wardrobe. I’ve finally come back to a size that is somewhat close to what I was pre-pregnancy, so most of my clothes fit me again. It was only when I reorganized my wardrobe, however, did I realize the enormity of the amount of crap that I had accumulated over the years. I know I talk a lot about sustainability and how humans are awful, but it turned out that I was a shitty human myself for purchasing what I did from the brands I did.

No Clothes, No Shoes, No Bags, No Makeup For A Year

going on a no buy, stop buying fast fashion, reorganize wardrobeSo here’s the deal. Starting today, I’m not going to buy any clothes, any makeup or any shoes or bags for a year. I am, however, going to give myself three exceptions to the clothes rule – I will end up getting myself something for Pongal, my birthday and Deepavali, but I’ll ensure that it is only one piece of clothing, like a saree or a salwar suit, a dress or a top. Jeans are strictly off the table! I won’t be buying makeup and shoes either unless something needs to be replaced.

Essentials and Stuff That I Can Buy

So I will buy soap, shampoo, and skin care stuff as and when they get over. I have completely shifted to bar soaps (far less waste) this year and I am looking to transition to shampoo bars as well. If you have a recommendation, do let me know! I have a pretty basic skin care routine (you can read about it, here!) that’s working really well for me right now, so I don’t intend on changing it anytime soon. If any of these products finish, then yes, I’ll be buying a replacement.

Why Am I Going On a No Buy?

I’m doing this for two reasons – the first being that I am sick of the amount of stuff I own. During my 10-month long postpartum phase, my body went through a gazillion changes, and in a bid to force myself to lose weight, I didn’t buy new clothes. I ended up wearing a grand total of 4 kurtas over and over again until I was able to fit into my old clothes. While this was a pretty terrible way to try and lose weight, it did teach me how easy life is when you have a restricted wardrobe. The second reason I’m doing this is that my wardrobe has a lot of fast fashion items and I am trying very hard to be more sustainable.

Sustainability is about making the most of what you already own.


Just needed to get that out of my system. Phew. Anyway, it has been well documented that fast fashion is evil and although I agree 100% with this, I have found myself unable to actually stop purchasing from fast fashion brands. Make no mistake that I have reduced purchasing from them considerably (It’s been two and a half years since I bought anything at Forever21, but I have caved into some stuff from H&M and Zara recently). So I really, really want to stop buying from them and hopefully, this no-buy helps me cut the habit out completely.

Bonus: Money Saved!

I am hoping to channel money saved from not spending into books, experiences, travel and mutual funds. The trials, the tribulations, and the temptations will be updated here religiously, so do follow my blog if you’re interested in keeping up! There will be 100% honesty, of course, because I know that you can’t really change unless you’re true to yourself and that it’s okay to fail sometimes as long as you have the larger picture in view.


  1. Hi Lavanya! I am looking for a post from you regarding which mutual funds are good to invest in. I know there are lot of sites which do that but I would love to know your opinion on so many options available and also traps not to fall in.

  2. Fast Fashion indeed is evil and the bonus is also that you realist that you are as good and as enough without those evil things 🙂

  3. Reorganization – that’s such a wonderful idea! Thank you so much! I’ve been going through this urge of buying whatever clothes I like at first sight. Although, I am not acting on it every time, it still is crippling me. And, reorganization does seem to be a good antidote.
    Glad that I stumbled on this post via Instagram!

  4. Hi Lavanya, after reading a couple of your posts earlier, I now upgrade myself to a regular follower of your blogs. Thank you for the wonderful articles you create.One thing i like about your blogs is your honesty, understanding the sense of a common middle class mindset. Though, you being popular on Instagram and many follow you, I see you being yourself.
    Sharing some of my past experiences from your blog:
    1. The day i read your skincare routine, i understood you are sensible in understanding that good products need not be expensive and International Brands alone. I bought one of the suggestions on face creams and i’m using it.
    2. When i read about one of your blog on reducing plastic usage, i even switched to Bar soaps and try reducing plastics to the maximum i could.
    3. When i read about Money saving plans, i created a RD for myself. Planning to invest on Mutual Funds too.
    4. Loved your opinion on spending too much on a one day affair – wedding. Very true. Unfortunately, By the time we are wise enough to understand this, our marriage would have happened. And if we
    suggest the same for a bride-to-be, they may not be able to understand the importance of it and would dream for a lavish wedding.
    So, every article has a take away for every person. Love these real experiences. Great work and Thank you

  5. Oops, i missed commenting about this article. A serious No Buy??? – Wow! Congratulations and All the best. 🙂

    I have started doing this somewhere earlier this year, no to over buy make up and I’m completely off it for 6 months now.
    Clothing – Couldnt stop it as I’m putting on weight very frequently and old clothes doesnt fit anymore.One thing i have changed is my habit of buying expensive clothes for regular office wear.. i buy reasonable ones. Also, i don’t like to keep clothes decked in wardrobe for years together if it doesn’t fit me. I give it to known ones who can use it.

  6. Wow, been promising these things to myself for the past 3 y-4 years at least. Hope you stick to them. Gonna add this on pocket and just re-read every time i’m Tempted to cheat shopping!

  7. Hi Chutney,
    I like this idea. I like this because fewer clothes means less time spent in choosing what to wear everyday!

  8. HI lavanya! I did this for a year. It works wonders. You treasure some of your old not acknowledged clothes so much. I used all my jeans that year and at the end I was able to discard so much after using them very well. Salwar duppattas that were untouched were made into kurtas and were used with jeans. Believe me you understand minimalism and it doesn’t hurt your pocket. Keep the updates about this post coming. It’s gonna help!

  9. I am trying to be sustainable and it has helped quite a bit in trimming down my wardrobe and saving the money to be put in retirement and other funds. It’s a great feeling.

  10. Hi Lavanya!
    I used to follow your coconut chutney blog. Congratulations on your baby and good luck for the no buy!
    I have started being very conscious of the products I use too. Could you share if there are any particular bar soaps you use? For hair wash, I tried krya.in. it is a bit tough to use but I’m sold on the concept. Hope it helps!

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